Develop a mange treatment plan for your dog

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Feel helpless watching your pet digging, biting and scratching itself raw? Tried everything but your pet just keeps chewing and scratching? Need help?      

It could be mange mites. The microscopic parasites that cause mange are under-diagnosed and often inappropriately treated nightmares that make dogs miserable.     

Get the e-booklet that lets you take charge of your dog's health! Managing the Misery of Mange Mites is the only comprehensive resource that gives you the info-arsenal you need to wipe out mites. Packed with best practices and tips, it even includes things your vet won't tell you. And it's FREE! You don't have to give up any information or money. We just want to help you help your dog.


Readers love Managing the Misery of Mange Mites:

Thanks so much for the wonderful e-book. I read every word and it is OUTSTANDING and I know it's going to help a LOT of people. As much as I have researched and read on the subject, I still learned more. I've never run across any site that treated the subject so thoroughly and completely - love the detail. And it is very well written - easy to follow and just generally reads well. Great job! I was impressed too with the knowledge of general natural health principles, herbs, etc. The section on yeast was very helpful for putting the two types of treatments together." - Lucinda B.

Download the e-booklet No sign-up or purchase required.

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I drew the illustration below after I captured one of the little beasts (sarcoptes scabiei mite) and put it under a microscope - gosh they are ugly, nasty looking things. In this microscopic view you can see the little spikes that wedge the thing into the tunnels they bore into your pet’s skin, no wonder the dogs have to bite into their skin to get rid of it.

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